So your best mate is getting married and he’s asked you to be not just any man, but his best man. Not a job to take lightly. While being a best man has a lot less stress than being the maid of honor, it nevertheless still requires planning and thought put into the job – in order to avoid the sort of disaster in the movie The Hangover. Don’t worry; we here at BaDoink have got your back (as we always do. We’ll never leave you). We’ve compiled the 5 things every best man should know.

5 Things Every Best Man Should Know

Don’t plan the bachelor party too close to the wedding

Now we all know that the number one duty of a best man is to plan the bachelor party. Seriously, it’s like literally the only thing you have to do that requires coordinating and planning. So don’t take this too lightly. A big rookie mistake is to have the bachelor party too close to the wedding. If it’s going to be a big bash, then the groom will need time to recover. If he gets lost on a roof in Vegas, you’ll need time to find him. A good timeframe is two weeks ahead of the wedding. This leaves room for recovery and frees up the groom’s time the last week before the wedding.

Don’t lose the ring

Yeah, this is pretty self-explanatory.

5 Things Every Best Man Should Know

Don’t abandon him

Just because the bachelor party is over, doesn’t mean that so are your duties as a best man. You’re going to have to be there for him for support, make sure the groomsmen get to their fittings, write a best man speech, make sure he gets to the wedding on time… Basically you’re going to have to make sure he gets to his wedding, gets married and is off to his honeymoon in one piece.

Do put the groom first

Another thing to remember is to consider the groom in your planning. If he’s clearly not the type of guy that enjoys a big boozy night out with strippers and tigers (!) then don’t plan one for him. Plan him a night that he will enjoy, even if that might not fit into your idea of what a bachelor party is. Also, remember that his is his night, so he should get dibs on the bed/room/first dance or whatever else is organized. Although you’re not expected to foot the whole bill, it would be nice of you to buy him a drink or two and generally show him a good time. Now is not the time to be busting his balls.

5 Things Every Best Man Should Know

Do think about others in the party

There’s going to be more people at the party than just you and him. So when planning, remember to think about others. You might be able to afford a wild, expensive night out but others might not. This doesn’t mean calling for a vote on everything, but it does mean keeping things at a level that people can all participate and enjoy. Always keep in mind the budget, time and distance. I’m sure you planned a great night, but if you’re alone I’m pretty sure the groom won’t be enjoying himself either!

Keep these in mind and you’re well on your way to being the best Best Man in wedding history!

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