I know this is strange coming from a woman… But don’t worry, like a good, um, ‘journalist’, I did my research. In a completely unscientific way I asked a bunch of guys the things that other men do that piss them off. Not to get on another guy-bashing train (there seems to be a lot of that going around these days) but as much as bros wanna support other bros, sometimes their behavior just crosses the line. Well, here are 5 things guys do that piss of guys off:

Talking at the urinal

So apparently this happens quite a bit. Enough to actually have guys talking about it. So listen dude, toilet time is toilet time. Don’t stand too close (especially if there is another urinal available) and for the love of god, please do not try and strike up a conversation! That shit is just weird man. The general consensus for toilet usage is: Don’t stand right next to another man if you can, look straight ahead, don’t talk or look around and always wash your hands after.

Ditching friends for girlfriend

This came as one of the top things guys do that piss other guys off. We know you just got yourself a girlfriend but to totally disappear and ditch all your friends? Not cool dude. There are always the few guys in the group who only hang out when they’re single, wanting to party and do the bro things but as soon as they get a girlfriend, they’re nowhere to be seen. Don’t be that guy!

5 Things Guys Do That Piss Other Guys Off

Changing around women

Sure, everyone changes a little bit around the opposite sex – maybe they don’t swear as much or they cut out the dirty jokes. But if you’re changing everything about you when a cute, new girl comes around, you’re seriously pissing off your bros. Girls can tell when you’re not being yourself, you only look silly, so stop it!

Crappy Gym Etiquette

So, I’m not sure what this is about, but it pisses guys off. Good gym etiquette is a mark of a true bro, bro. Doing things like wiping down the equipment after you use it, replacing free weights after you use them and basically not hogging shit if you don’t need it. Respect.

Going too far

And finally, we come to this last point. Going too far. I know you’re men, and men pick on each other good-naturedly. But there is a line, and a friend knows where it is. If your mate just got out of a divorce, or his dog just died, it’s not the time to be making jokes, no matter how good-natured.

There. Consider yourselves helped!

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