While vibrators might be a ‘woman’s’ domain, that doesn’t mean that you can plead ignorance about the little toy that has brought joy to many a woman across the planet. Vibrators are becoming a part of the sex lives of many couples, and it’s just best to get in the game rather than resist. It’s not your competition. Us women might like some vibrating action, but we still want your throbbing member to pound us hard. In fact, the two put together makes a combo so lethal, you’ll have a soft purring (happy and satisfied) kitty in your hands once it’s all done.

But it wasn’t always like this. Long before there were vibrators, not only were women told that they had no natural sexual urges to speak of, but that if they did have any urges, it was because they suffered from hysteria. Yes, indeed men, the road to women’s sexual freedom was indeed a bleak one. But fear not, we’re here now and we’re free to roam and romp. I’ve gathered 5 facts about our good ol’ vibrators that you might not have known, so you may take it to your gal to show support and solidarity and also perhaps fuck after you impress her with your knowledge. Enjoy!

5 Things you Didn't Know About Vibrators

Hysteria was a term for any kind of woman malady

Since up until the 20th century, women were just for doing housework and birthing babies, and were thought to not have any sexual urges, any kind of sexual feeling was deemed a ‘disease’. Yes, that and any other symptom, including, but not limited to, nervousness, faintness, irritability, loss of appetite and much more. All this was thrown under the catchall diagnosis of Hysteria. In fact this term wasn’t dropped from the American Psychological Association until 1952!

The cure was pelvic massage

An acceptable form of treatment was a pelvic massage – or what we would call in this day and age, a good hand job. Yes, uptight, rich, Victorian women would go to their doctors to get themselves stroked. Looks like the good people at One Taste weren’t starting anything new, rather reviving what was once a common practice of the female 1% of the Victorian era.

Look they even made a movie about it!

Loosely based on real events (from the true story of one Dr. Joseph Mortimer Granville) Hysteria talks about… well, you’ll see from the trailer, it’s quite accurate! That was indeed how Doctors would treat the women labeled ‘Hysterical’. Beyond hand stimulation there was also…

The Douche

Yes, the name we afford many a sleazy man was once a water spray used to satisfy women. It was aimed at a woman’s pelvic area – presumably to massage her into orgasm so as to cure her nasty hysteria!

5 Things you Didn't Know About Vibrators

The first vibrators were medicinal in nature

Yes, up until the early 1920s, vibrators were prescribed to hysterical women as a cure for their condition. Since men knew next to nothing about female sexuality, women were getting off rather spectacularly all under the guise of medical reasons. The gig was over though once vibrators started sneaking into early porn films for reasons that were clearly non-medicinal. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted. Although vibrators were still sold, this time it was repackaged as a ‘massager’.

Thank god that we can easily buy vibrators as we please and can also bring them into the bedroom with our men. While using the showerhead to get off sounds fun, I much rather prefer my Rabbit with its speed and different functions. Yummy!

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