Fashion can be confusing. Sometimes something is ‘in’ one second and before you can even hop on board the trend, it’s already on its way out. It’s precisely these things, these ‘trendy’ things that might have been in fashion at one point of time (or even never been in fashion at all), but whose glory days have since long gone. It’s time to let them go lads, to drop them, because they are eating into your game. Trust me. Here are 5 things you need to stop wearing now:

Banker Ties

5 Things You Need to Stop Wearing

Once upon a time, it might have been trendy to don these monstrosities. Alas, nowadays ties are much slimmer, and a whole less understated. These ties are usually bright, uber shiny and about as wide as a baby’s bib. Please get with the program and buy yourself a new tie!

Overly Baggy Clothes

5 Things You Need to Stop Wearing

I know there was a time when baggy clothes were the barometer of just how cool you were. Alas, that time has passed. Even rappers got with the program and changed it up. It’s ok to have a little bit of bagginess when appropriate, a little give around the crotch area (stay away from skinny jeans – have pity for your scrotum guys!), a stylish jacket, or even an oversized t-shirt. But some people still wear their jeans hung so low that they look disproportionate. Or a t-shirt so large it hangs down to their knees. Basically if you look like a kid who crawled into a real man’s clothes, it’s too baggy!

Too tight clothes

5 Things You Need to Stop Wearing

Now we’re not just ripping on the baggy clothes, we’re also going for those who wear too tight clothing. We know you’ve been working out, you look great, you have what they call ‘muscles’. But, dude, chill out! No one needs to be able to count your abs through your t-shirt. Lycra is not your friend. The worst would be the too-tight-too-baggy combo. Pants so baggy they’re hanging around your knees, coupled with a t-shirt so tight it looks painted on. Oh and to top it off, a peek of you Calvin Klein boxers. Wow. If you’re nodding and thinking, “That guy must look great!” Slap yourself please. Burn your clothes and buy yourself something that fits.

Highlighted Hair

5 Things You Need to Stop Wearing

Ah, the year of the boy bands and of highlighted tips. Yes, Justin Timberlake was sporting this look – when he was still in N’Sync! Now he has a dashing, sleek cut and hair that is one tone. I still see this trend on some men’s hair, and even though you guys have less options when it comes to hair coloring, it’s time to give it up boys.


5 Things You Need to Stop Wearing

It must be nice to feel pseudo bad-ass with the fauxhawk. When David Beckham unleashed this to the world way back in 2002, women’s panties collectively dropped the world over. Alas, that was 2002, and hairstyles have a come a long way since. So please go get yourself a good haircut and let this fad die.

This is just the tip of what you need to stop wearing. Stay tuned for more when I come back with more things you need to stop wearing. What trend do you think has stayed past its due date?

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