It’s my opinion that men need to have other men in their lives. That’s right, I’m talking about your bros. Now you might find it weird that I’m bothering to even write about this, because a bro always has bros right?

Well, not really hun. Male adult friendship is on the decline, more so when men get married and have kids. It’s well documented that the deeper your connections and friendships, the longer and happier you live. Having some good guys as friends not only provides a place to let loose and unwind, but all the egging that guys do to each other that girls find silly? Well, turns out that it’s actually good for men. Yeah, sure men need to be able to sit down and express their emotions but every once in a while, guys need to just rough it out with their bros. Just like girls need to dance. True story.

5 Types of Bro A Guy Should Have

Anyway, here’s a list of the 5 types of friends every guy should have in his life:

The Bro Bro
He’s the dude who is always going to be there for you, stand by you and will find you if he accidentally loses you on your bachelor party. You call him when you don’t feel like hanging out with anyone, because he isn’t anyone, he’s your bro. This dude is your stabilizer and wingman. He’ll be there for the long haul and he knows you through and through. He’s level headed enough to be reliable but also knows how to have fun. And when you’re acting dumb, he will call you out on your bullshit.

5 Types of Bro A Guy Should Have

The Party Bro
He knows all the cool spots in town and seems to be on the guestlist to every event. Having him around means the party is going to get messy and it’ll be an awesome night. Your girlfriend probably doesn’t approve of him, but he’ll be the guy to take your out on a bender if you guys ever break up. He’s great to have around because he doesn’t take things too seriously and knows how to have fun!

The Work Bro
You guys just clicked at work and now he comes over for BBQs and beers. He makes work bearable, and covers for you if you’re late. He the dude that gets the stress from work because he’s right there with you. He might not be there for ever but for now you’ve got someone in the trenches with you.

The Outdoor Bro
This also includes the workout bro. This guy will pull you to do all the macho-type things your weak ass wouldn’t do otherwise. He challenges you to not be such a wuss. He’ll drag your protesting ass hiking and camping and to the gym. As much as you’ll hate him at the time, once you’re popping open a beer in front of the fire, suddenly things don’t seem so bad.

The Mentor Bro
Not exactly a bro you hang out with all the time, but he’s the guy you turn to when you need some advice on the big things in your life. Business talk and advice, personal talk and advice, this dude has got it covered. Sometimes you’re lucky enough that this dude is your dad, but if it isn’t, no worries. He’s the voice of reason and you aspire to be more like him. He makes you want to be a better man.

Not all friendships will last forever, and I’m not saying that it should. But finding good friends will help shape you to be better men. And don’t you want to be a better man?

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