5 Unintentionally Awkward Sex Scenes

I’m sure when these scenes were imagined, they weren’t meant to be awkward. Instead I’m sure the filmmaker was going for erotic, sexy… maybe even pornographic. Who knows? Alas, that’s not always the case. Sometimes we’re just left with slightly uncomfortable – for the viewer. I’ve come across quite a few of these supposed ‘sexy’ scenes after laughing out loud instead of getting turned on, so here I am, listing 5 unintentionally awkward sex scenes for you. So you too can LOL with me. Tell me what you think of these scenes and if you can add more down in the comments!

The Matrix Reloaded – Neo and Trinity get it on

I’m sure they were just trying to show how Neo and Trinity do actually get it on it the ‘real world’ and that everyone in Zion is really have a better time than those in the Matrix because Rave Sexy party, woot! But, um, I don’t know about you but it’s not really a turn on to see a slow-mo scene of a groaning Trinity interlaced with breathless ravers flipping their hair in ecstasy.

Her – How do you touch a computer?

Yes, it could’ve been touching. But we’re talking about touching a person that isn’t real. A computer. A damn AI. So yeah, this kinds feels more like accidently listening in on a person and realizing what’s going on and feeling kinda embarrassed for them. Ouch!

Gigli – Sex with a lesbian

Um… aside from the fact that both actors, despite being lovers at the time, seem to have zero chemistry between each other, this movie is also about a man who is in love with a lesbian. And after he confesses his love for her, she just up and changes to being straight? Bi? Who knows, but now she’s fucking him. And she calls eating pussy ‘turkey time’.

The Rock – Sex with Nicholas Cage

Hmm, it’s awkward sex with Nicholas Cage while he mumbles incoherently about strawberries or something. I mean COME ON!!

Twilight Breaking Dawn – Vampire Sex

I mean, you knew this was coming. He’s so strong and rough that he breaks everything else so he doesn’t break you? Come on!! And have you ever had a cold penis inside you? Yeah, not that great. Nope. I kinda sat there grimacing at the cheesiness of the whole scene.

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