5 Uses for Tinder (Other Than Hooking Up)

So Tinder is famous as a hookup app, in that men get on it hoping to find women who are DTF and women get on it thinking, ‘Friend!’ But you know, it is a great way to meet people who you may or may not shag. I totally love Tinder myself, at the very least it’s nice to while away the afternoon swiping either left or right! Using Tinder so often, I realized that Tinder has many more uses than just hooking up with someone. Turns out Tinder is much more useful that it pretends to be. Here are 5 ways you can use Tinder other than hooking up:

Find a room to rent

A male friend of mine found his room to rent in Rio, Brazil, through Tinder. I kid you not. He would ask all his matches out for a drink and while getting to know each other, he would casually ask if they knew where he could rent a room. I mean, why not kill two birds with one stone, right? If they date goes well, you might end up with a place to stay and someone to sleep with in the room! Perfect.

Get a tattoo

So many dudes with tattoos on Tinder! One dude had pictures of himself tattooing someone, so I asked him if he was a tattoo artist since I am looking to get one. And ding, ding, ding! Checked out his studio and got myself a beauty… and at a discount too! Score!

Find interesting things to do

If you’re new in a city and want something interesting to do, then Tinder is the place you should look. Not only are men constantly posting shots of themselves doing sporty type things, some even post their other hobbies or work that they do. Which is how I found myself at a woodworking workshop one day. Thanks to my Tinder match, who does these workshops, I found not only a way to occupy myself with something fun on Saturday but also a neat person to hang out with. If rock climbing, skydiving, painting, skiing, etc. are things you wanna do over the weekend, then Tinder it baby!

Get a ride

Perhaps a tad bit more ‘risky’ than the others above, but while chattin’ with a Tinder match, I found out that he was heading to the same city I was. Guess who found herself in a nice comfy car and a cool person to hang out with? This gal! Yep!

New friends in a new city

Not all Tinder matches are going to be ‘the one’ – I think we can safely say that. But when some of my Tinder matches find out I’m new in town, they invite me to hang out with their friends and I end up having a great time while making new friends. This is a great way to meet people!

So you see, if you’re not on Tinder, it’s time people… It’s time.

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