This post was originally intended for entrepreneurs but then it occurred to me that entrepreneurs aren’t the only busy people around. In fact, we all suffer from the ‘busy-itis’. In her talk The Power of Vulnerability, Dr Brené Brown said that her research led her to conclude that we use being busy as a status symbol for being worthy. However more and more studies are showing how slowing down for a period of time, including play in your life, and practicing meditation actually enhance your quality of life. Mindfulness and meditation are currently the rage in Silicon Valley and more and more entrepreneurs are incorporating this into their routine. But why bother with this if it is merely new age fluff. Well, because it isn’t new age fluff. Thousands of people have reaped the rewards from meditating as little as 10 minutes a day. Here are the 5 ways meditation benefits busy people:

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Lowers Blood Pressure

Not one but two studies conducted respectively by Harvard Medical School and by a British Medical Journal have reported that regular meditation can lower blood pressure. The former study says that meditation makes the body less responsive to stress hormones and the latter found that when patients learn how to relax, it significantly lowers blood pressure.

Lowers Stress

The American Psychology Association concluded that just eight weeks of mindfulness practice was enough to not only reduce the stress levels in health care professionals but also to increase their quality in life and self-compassion.

Helps you sleep better

Sometimes being busy and having so much on our minds can affect our sleep patterns causing insomnia. Well good news lads! Turns out, it was revealed at the annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies, in Seattle that meditation can actually help with primary insomnia.

Increases Immunity

Being busy and stressed out can also lower our immunity – ever catch a cold just as you’re about to go into a big meeting after weeks of preparation? Well, worry no more; with as little as 10 minutes of meditation a day you can increase your immunity.

Increases focus and attention

Last but not least, the thing we want the most of in our lives – focus. Is it any surprise that meditation can increase our focus and attention? With a long-term meditation practice our ability to stay calm while multi tasking, and our ability to focus also increases.

All this from setting aside a few minutes a day to unwind and drop in on yourself. No need for fancy pillows, sitting in the lotus position, incense. Just you, a quiet, comfortable place and a few minutes to yourself and you still get all the benefits of meditation. If you’re always on the go, then try some mobile apps for your smartphone that will make it easier for you to meditate. Lastly, relax and enjoy yourself!

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