Mornings can sometimes have the power to make or break your day. Start it wrong and BAM! Your day is ruined. But start it right and you’re on the road to having a great day! You’ve probably heard of the usual ‘have breakfast and exercise’ but we’re hoping these 5 ways will give you the extra push you need to start your day with a bang:

Keep it high protein
Yes, I know we’re talking about breakfast, but not just any ol’ breakfast. Skip the high carb breakfast that will only make you sluggish, or the high-in-sugar juice you were going to have that will make you crash by 10am. We say, go with a high protein breakfast! Whip up some eggs in some yummy coconut oil, throw in some bacon and brew a cup of coffee or green tea and watch your energy soar. It will hold out more evenly and won’t make you sluggish nor give you a sugar crash later in the morning.

In fact, maybe just skip breakfast
Or in fact you could try fasting by skipping breakfast. If you’re worried that skipping breakfast might slow you down or make you put on more weight if you’re watching your weight, studies have shown skipping breakfast doesn’t really have an impact on weight loss. In fact a little fasting might actually improve your weight loss and also allow your body to repair itself. You might find yourself functioning better if you skip breakfast every once in a while.

5 Ways to Start the Day With A Bang!

Change your alarm clock tone
I can’t imagine how people can stand being blasted awake with old school alarm clocks. That kind of shock can’t be good for you. Try changing your alarm clock tone (I assume you use your phone like other folks) to something that will gently awaken you not scare you out of bed. Apps like Sleep Cycle can help monitor your sleep pattern and wake you up during your lightest sleep cycle.

Avoid Technology
I used to have a habit of reaching for my mobile phone even before my eyes are fully open. In fact, I sometimes still do this. I scroll through my Facebook feed, check my email, Twitter etc. Not only is this a colossal waste of time, if I come across some bad news, or crappy friend update, then it spoils my morning. So I don’t do this anymore (mostly – and then I regret when I do, ’cause my hour is GONE) so that I can focus on staying positive.

Get one thing done
You might have a hard time balancing work like and home life, so I’d like to suggest having one (that’s ONE) thing that you have to check off your to-do list at home. And then proceed to check it off. It can be getting the laundry done, or calling the plumber, or whatever you need to do to get your home life moving. Sometimes knowing that you’re not getting your home life sorted can mess with you and stress you out. This way you know that you’re always contributing, even one thing at a time, to your home life.

Hope these tips help you. What do you do to start your day with a bang?

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  1. Cold water at the very end of a shower for a few seconds. Feels good.