Sometimes life gets hard and it feels like there is no way out, we get it. Everyone gets down in the dumps sometimes. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t work to change your life. The time for change is always now. Here are 5 things you can do now to turn your life around.

Cut out Bad Friends

This is a hard one. Friends, bad for us or not, are hard to cut out because they are so intertwined with our lives. But they can also be the reason our lives are so full of drama. ‘Bad friends’ aren’t just people who are doing ‘bad’ things like rolling with the wrong crew or stealing. I’m also talking about friends who take advantage of us, abuse our trust, all the way to friends who we clearly have outgrown (aka that friend who keeps pestering you to “Not be a pussy and have another drink!!” when you don’t feel like it) or those who are constantly harping about the “shit that’s getting them down!” without ever doing anything to change. Seriously, if anything this might be the biggest best thing you’ll ever do.

Stop gaming so much

I get it, gaming is how you let off steam and I’m not trying to come between you and your downtime. But there is a difference between having an hour or so of fun with the guys and having your gaming turn into an addiction or as a way to distract yourself from your daily life. It might be hard when you first put down the controller because now you’re going to have to find something to do which involves other people! You can do it!



Disengage from social media

This isn’t so much ‘never use’ social media again as it is ‘limit your time’ on social media. The thing is, thanks to sites like Facebook and apps like Instagram more and more of us are comparing our lives to the lives of our friends. This ultimately leads us to believe that our lives are not as ‘awesome’ as our friends’ lives. People tend to forget that most people carefully curate their social media lives to show only the best. Use social media only if you have to but other than that, just keep away from it and find some real life things to do. #trust

Get a therapist

Not everything can be solved with a night out with the guys. Sometimes things get too overwhelming to handle on your own. At times like this, it’s always best to seek professional help. There is nothing to be ashamed about visiting a therapist. They provide a safe space to be heard and can really help to give you perspective. Make sure you shop around and find one that you’re really comfortable with.

Stop Self Pity

Ah yes, sometimes the problem isn’t outside of you, but you yourself. It’s easy to identify with our problems and wallow in self-pity rather than working to overcome them. If you’re thinking you’re the only one with woes, well you need to stop that right now. Wallowing never brings about change. You know what brings change? Change! So first step, understand that you have problems, but so does everyone else. Now work to make a difference!

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