When GoPro cameras first launched I couldn’t figure out what to use them for – but that’s only because of my lack of imagination – these cameras have become ubiquitous in the world of extreme sports. They have allowed us to live vicariously through what can sometimes feel like death defying stunts and a whole lot of “Whoa! Holy shit!” moments.

We’ve collected some of the best extreme sports GoPro videos out there so that you too can get a little adrenaline pumping as you watch these amazing people do crazy amazing things. Enjoy:

Lost in Peru

Chris Van Dine and Aaron Chase are known for their epic bike ride, hurtling down the hills (and staircases) of Valparaiso, Chile, though not so much for their journey through Peru. Check out this awe inspiring video which will no doubt want to make you visit Peru.


If that didn’t provide enough blood pumping, edge of your seat action, Chris Van Dine is back with another video that will surely have you gripping for imaginary breaks on imaginary bike handles.

Cliff Jump

Now let’s go over to the most killer ski jump ever seen, and if that isn’t extreme enough for you, let’s throw in a freakin avalanche!! Matthias Giraud and Stefan Laude ski the French Alps like it ain’t no thang…

Surfing the Box

11 time world champion Kelly Slater takes you first hand into the waters and shows you why surfing can be so addictive and why people devote their lives to catching the perfect wave.

Kayaking around the world

Now normally I don’t think of kayaking as an extreme sport, but then again I didn’t know what to do with a GoPro either, so what do I know really. Ben Brown takes us for a ride in his kayak as he navigates the combination of serene to extreme waters around the world.

Grinding the Crack

Finally we have Jeb Corliss literally sailing through the skies and mountains and leave us at the edge of our seats. At the end of the video you hear him giggling like he just took a stroll through the meadows (well, he kinda did, except he did it flying in the sky!) and you just know that you and him live in totally different worlds.

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