I have only recently gotten on the podcast bandwagon, and while I am aware I am late to the game, that only means I strive harder to play catch up with the rest of the world. My over eager need to please might seem like a psychological issue to worry about to some, but to you, dear BaDoink reader, to you it is only beneficial. I have spent countless hours going through podcast after podcast, all in the name of finding the best podcast out there for you, for me, for everyone. Behold my list of awesome podcasts in the sea of podcasts:

For the creative:

Unmistakable Creative by Srinivas Rao

I have been binge listening to the Unmistakable Creative ever since I discovered it a few weeks ago. Srinivas has really remarkable people on his show and he’s a great interviewer, capable of asking questions that allows him to dig into the minds of his guests. His guests range from all kinds of other creative people, entrepreneurs, right to ex cons and even a monk! He gets them to open up about their process and I swear, there is just so much gold in this podcasts. You have to check it out!

The Accidental Creative by Todd Henry

I only just started with the Accidental Creative. Todd’s show is shorter (usually less than 30 minutes, mostly between 15-20 minutes), so it’s little bite-sized podcasts that you can listen to while driving or commuting to a nearby location. He really gets into the nitty gritty of creativity, teaching you how to overcome creativity blockers, or just improving your state of mind and he also has some incredible guests on that share their knowledge with you.

For the learner:

Freakonomics Radio by Stephen J. Dubner and WNYC

If you loved the books Freakonomics and Superfreakonomics (and the newly released Think Like A Freak), you’re going to love the podcast. This really well produced podcast is pretty long (about an hour at a go) but well worth it. Be prepared to dig deep into topics like, What is more dangerous: Marijuana or Alcohol? and Soul possession and more in a witty and entertaining manner.

The Nerdist by Chris Hardwick

Another new podcast for me. Chris Hardwick is a TV personality and geek extraordinaire, and may also be my secret nerd soul mate. His show is knowledge packed and super funny you don’t want to miss it!

For the entrepreneur:

Eventual Millionaire by Jaime Tardy

I heard about Jaime Tardy from the Unmistakable Creative when Srinivas Rao interviewed her on his show. I started listening and now I can’t stop. Jaime started interviewing millionaires so she could figure out how they became millionaires and thank you! Cuz now we get this awesome podcast to listen to!

The Suitcase Entrepreneur by Natalie Sisson

Natalie’s show teaches you how you too can be a successful entrepreneur. Honestly in this day and age where everyone is trying to sell the entrepreneurial dream like it’s going out of style, it’s refreshing to see someone putting out a good show on entrepreneurs. She interviews other successful people on their methods as well as creates shows where she shares her own methods. A lot of gems here.

Do you have any favorite podcasts you listen to? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. The Random Show with Tim Ferriss and Kevin Rose is a great tech/lifestyle pod.