Last night I finally saw the final episode of How I Met Your Mother, a show that was 3 seasons past its deadline. It came to a point where I watched out of habit and was hoping Ted would just find his damn wife already. And when we were finally introduced to his future wife, my expectations were so high that I did not like her at all. The writers tried hard to make her this cool, perfect prospect for Ted, but it was just too forced. Ah well… it’s all over now. We can now move on with our lives.

But it got me thinking about all the other shows that went past their due date. Here are 6 TV shows that should’ve ended sooner (spoilers ahead, so read with caution):

The Mentalist

SPOILER ALERT: Why is this show still on air? Alright, the Mentalist (I have to admit, I’ve watched all the episodes but for the life of me I can’t remember what the Mentalist’s name is on the show!! So let’s just call him the Mentalist, ok?) found and killed Red John. That is what the whole premise of the show is built on. So what’s it still doing on air? Shouldn’t it be over by now?


Heroes exploded onto the TV scene and wowed us. Ordinary, everyday people saving the world. I wanted these powers. The whole country was captivated with this show and had memorized its famous tagline, “Save the cheerleader, save the world.” It should’ve ended after season one when they did indeed save the world, but they didn’t and we got three more seasons of confusing crap. What a shame. It just goes to show, when you start with saving the world, where the hell else can you go after you ultimately do save the world?

Desperate Housewives

A juicy murder-mystery-whodunit with a cast that worked so well together viewers couldn’t get enough of them.  Another show that should’ve ended after it’s first season. Ok, I’ll give it two seasons, but then it should’ve just packed up and exited gracefully. I really hate it when shows start bringing in new characters to help keep things interesting. It’s always because they aren’t getting the hint that it’s time to go.

Prison Break

SPOILER ALERT: When the title of your show is Prison Break. What the hell do you do after you break out of said prison? Possibly the same conundrum faced by the writers of the show I’m assuming. Hence why after season one when the Fox River Eight escape in the finale and were running around free men in season two, the only thing they could do was put them back in jail in season three so that they could stay true to the name of the show. Or whatever. It should’ve ended in season two; it all went downhill after that.

True Blood

Being a fan of all things supernatural (oh Supernatural, another show that I watch and that should end) I am always going to watch True Blood because, uhm, vampires and hot men, but deep in my heart even I know that this show should end. I mean, they’ve gone through all the supernatural creatures out there and come full circle back to vampires. Unless they start bringing in zombies, in which case Sookie is going to need a lot more than just bright, zapping powers, I think it’s time to give the bloodsuckers a rest.


True, it’s the last season of Californication, but is it a few seasons too late? There were so many times that the show could’ve ended but they just kept on beating this dead horse. I have no more empathy left for Hank and his unbelievable patient and forgiving ex-wife, what’s-her-name. Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to watch the final season because I have a compulsion, but I shall be watching it with sadness in my heart.


  1. I agree with Californication, True Blood and Prison Break. Heroes i’m on the fence about.

  2. Prison Break should have ended series 2. It was so good and they ruined it completely.