I love Kickstarter. I love seeing all the cool stuff people are inventing, making, creating. Gives me hope for humanity! In fact there are so many wins to Kickstarter:

• It is a great to test your ideas to see if there’s a market for it before spending tons of money creating something no one wants.
• Allows you to reach out directly to fans and cut out middlemen, like Amanda Palmer.

Here are some brilliant projects to come out of Kickstarter. Some have been funded and some are still running, but all are awesome! Check them out:

Pebble: E-Paper

pebble e-paper

Probably the most successful Kickstarter campaign ever (they raised over $10million), Pebble is a customizable watch that you can sync with your smartphone. So you can receive important messages, track your workouts, change your music and much, much more!

Veronica Mars

veronica mars

It seems that I’m not the only one who was really, really sad when TV show Veronica Mars ended. So when producers wanted to make a VM movie, fans jumped on board to support them. They raised over $5m! I can’t wait for the movie to come out!

PowerUp 3.0


A fan of the paper plane? Well, time to take it up a notch! With PowerUp 3.0, you can attach a small propeller to an ordinary paper plane and then control it with your smartphone! I mean, COME ON! This project is mad awesome!



For the artists, designers or the curious, use this awesome tool to make 3D drawings. What? That’s like drawing in… the… AIR. Like seriously! It looks like magic, but it’s just plain ol’ awesome science!



As a frequent traveller, I covet this bag! As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted one. Unfortunately after their campaign, even pre-orders are closed for now. But they’re on my radar, and I shall order one as soon as they open up! And if you’re a traveller, you should too!

Coffee Joulies

coffee joulies

I love my Joulies! These little beans keep your coffee (or tea) at just the right temperature. As coffee drinker, I’m sure you’ve experienced the too-hot-then-too-cold-coffee syndrome but Joulies solves that. It cools down your coffee to the right temperature and keeps it at that temp for longer! Win!



Having had the pleasure of actually using a Bartendro, I have to say it makes some really delicious cocktails! A great addition to any home or party!



If you’re someone who bends over a lot while working on the computer and consequently suffer from neck aches, then maybe Roost is the tool for you! Just place your laptop on the handy stand and viola! Your laptop is now at eye level!

What amazing project have you backed on Kickstarter lately?

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