Great news for anyone out there that enjoys shoving specially sculpted assholes up their assholes. Fernando Sosa, who calls himself a political sculptor, has made something that is sure to go down well – and up – with a large section of the Ukrainian people: a Vladimir Putin butt plug.

“This piece was originally made in response [to] Russia’s anti-gay laws, but since Putin is such an asshole he seems to find himself on top of the media headlines again by invading Ukraine and putting the world at the verge of WWW3,” Sosa wrote in a post on his blog at, where you can find, and purchase, small sculptures of all sorts of politicians and prize dick-weeds from around the world, from Governor Chris Christie to Duck Dynasty’s crazy racist dingbat Phil Robertson.

Most of Sosa’s political sculptures don’t appear to be made to stick up your butt, although there’s nothing to stop you from trying, apart from the hats that some of them wear.

As far as we’re concerned here at BaDoink, this sort of functional satire is right up our alley – and could be up yours too. That said, Sosa makes it clear that the Putin butt pug is NOT safe for use. If you really want a Putin to put in, Sosa’s in the process of making some bright pink Skin Safe Silicone versions that you can also buy. That way, at least, you can be sure that this particular incursion by Russia’s macho moron-in-chief has no lasting damage.

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  1. Not someone you want to F*ck around with….