Adult Industry Simulation Game Launches Indiegogo Campaign

We tend to play games that give us an experience we normally don’t have. It’s the appeal of getting into a whole new universe where we can dive in as a different person with another set of skills. Power is a big incentive to any simulation game. It’s why people play fantasy sports, for instance; they want to feel like they can make the decisions that will affect the smaller pieces of the game.

Not everyone wants to be the player in a game. Some just like to make the calls, to be in charge, to be at the height of management. With this in mind, last year the New York-based company Joy-Toilet released Triple X Tycoon, a simulation game in which the user finds and builds an adult industry studio from scratch.

They get to begin in the 1970s and adapt their ride according to the highs and lows that present themselves in the adult business; production chaos, volatile performers, drugs and extravagant award shows are all in the game. Users get to hire the models, evaluating everything from physical attributes, to what they’re willing to do on camera, to determining negotiable rates. They need to deal with rapidly changing consumer trends and adapt through the rise and fall of a dog-eat-dog industry.

But since announcing Triple X Tycoon last October, the company has had some problems raising funds. Multiple side projects had to be cancelled, and a good chunk of their team had to be let go in order to survive and continue with the expected release this winter.

“Triple X Tycoon is the most resilient project I’ve ever worked on.” lead developer Chris ‘Doop’ LeJohn told X-Biz. “At one point I thought it was over. We were out of money, it started to feel like we made a mistake. But somehow we just kept figuring it out, making it work.”

Joy-Toilet added two new artists to the team, in hopes to get a new demo by the end of the summer. But in the meantime, they started a new Indiegogo campaign to help fund Triple X Tycoon.

“For now, it’s all out of pocket.” LeJohn continued. “We have a lot of respect for the adult industry, not enough people do. We’re finally starting to make some friends, which is something I hope we can continue to do. Maybe once the demo is done, people will kind of understand where we’re coming from. It’s all just good fun.”

“Only the best adapt in this industry,” Joy-Toilet stated on their website. “From motel to studio and mansions. From VHS to VR, how far will you go?”

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