Technology is moving at an incredible rate. Just look at how it’s transformed… well, everything: self-driving cars, ebooks, smartphones, 3D printing, augmented and virtual reality, and so much more!

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And all this affects something near and dear to us all. Yes, I’m talking about sex!

One of the biggest changes to our sexual lives is right in our heads… and what we’ll be able to do to the grey stuff in them.

Technically, it’s called neurostimulation: using miniscule amounts of electricity to tweak the human brain.

We’re already seeing huge strides in neurostimulation in regards to prostheses to help people with everything from hearing and vision loss to epilepsy. But what’s even more exciting – erotically and otherwise – is that a lot of this technology is becoming available for people to tweak their very own consciousnesses!

Far fetched? Well, a company called Thync is already selling a nifty little piece of tech that when applied to the forehead allows people to either wind themselves up or calm themselves down. Even though the results have been a little sketchy, the fact that it’s been developed and available to purchase is staggering. Who knows what’s right around the corner?

The science, after all, is sound: we know we can affect the human mind by either the messy route of running actual microscopic wires into our brains or by generating a current or magnetic field nearby. Researchers have even been experimentally creating temporary boosts of IQ using this tech. Sure, the equipment is monstrously huge but then so was every early incarnation of what is now miniscule technology. Before you know it we’ll have things the size of the Thync – if not smaller.

So what does this mean for sex? Well, it doesn’t take a huge leap of imagination to imagine a consumer-based version of this tech geared to affecting our minds in all kinds of erotic ways. Just think how much Viagra has changed the sexual landscape – and that was a physical pill. With a neurostim rig you could have exactly the same affect. Want to come faster? Just tweak your brain with a tiny bit of electric juice! Want to come slower? Just do an adjustment in the opposite direction! Want to turn yourself on, ramp things up, slow things down, maybe even twist them sideways? You can do all of this and more by messing with the human mind.

That’s what makes this so fascinating. After all, sex quite literally is in the brain. You’ve heard that so-true maxim that the greatest sex organ is the mind – and with neurostimulation very soon you’ll be able to do whatever you want to your great sex organ by just applying a tiny bit of current.

If you’ll forgive me one more old chestnut, they say that the only constant is change… and with neurostimulation we’ll be able to change the basic natures of our very own minds – and how we look at sex and eroticism forever.

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