Amazon Has Literally Created A Magic Button

I don’t know if this is great news or the best scary news, but amazon is rolling out a special device for its Prime members; one that lets you order stuff at the click of a button.

Running low on coffee, or perhaps detergent? Well, with the new Dash button, one click, and Amazon will automatically place an order for you. Check your phone for a confirmation (or if you accidentally ordered something) and you’ll receive a new shipment before you run out.

It works on a host of popular household items, toilet paper, diapers, Gatorade, razor blades, mac and cheese – basically all those items that you need to buy regularly. I mean, seriously, this is genius! At the rate that Amazon is going, they will probably invent a tool that embeds into my brain so I merely have to think about something and Amazon will deliver it – and I’m not sure if I will even mind. #SadButTrue

So the Dash button is a small wifi-enabled device that will place an order for you within seconds of pushing it. If you’re worried that your kids might be pressing it over and over (because that’s what I would totally do), then calm yourselves. You’ll get a notification on your phone that an order has been placed and can cancel anytime you want. Also, because Amazon won’t deliver and reorder the product until the first order has been delivered. So yeah, it’s smart. You can stick it almost anywhere as it comes with an adhesive at the back – no, it isn’t magnetic.

For now, the buttons are tied to certain brands or to be more specific, tied to certain products from that brand. So if you need detergent you get Tide and if you’re into another brand then you’ll have to walk over to the store to get it like a damn pleb. However, while only launching with 18 brands, more will be added soon I’m sure. I can see the future, people, and it involves us being very lazy and everything being a touch of a button away. And it starts now.

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