Apparently There’s A Downside to Being Too Hot

While the rest of us plebs might not necessarily agree, there apparently is a bit of a downside to being too beautiful. Mind you, not huge downsides, like, but small downsides, that on the surface might seem insignificant but in the long run might make us regular people feel the slightest bit sorry for these gorgeous creatures. I said might make us feel sorry. Whether or not it does make you feel sorry, that’s for you to decide.

As it turns out, there is more to life than being really, really, really ridiculously good-looking. Some of the downfalls of being too hot:

If you’re a woman you’re less likely to get promoted

For jobs that require authority. While hot men are thought of as better leaders, women however don’t seem to get the same treatment. Ladies, your hotness might just be preventing you from getting that promotion. So the next time you’re asking for a promotion, be sure to look dowdy at best. Why do you think Hillary Clinton is always in those pantsuits and bucket hair? She wants to be president, that’s the highest authority position ever if you ask me. If she looked too hot, no one would trust her to do the job!

You might not get hired at all!

Being human, we often run into jealousy, no matter how good-looking (or not) we are. A study found that if you’re being recruited by someone of the same sex, they might not hire you if they think you’re hotter than them. So it turns out that other good-looking people can be haters towards their own kind!

You might not get the best medical attention

Since most people link being beautiful to being healthy (how many times have you seen a really, really beautiful but also really ill person and thought, “Aw, but he/she is so beautiful!!” Yeah, don’t lie. We’ve all done it!), apparently doctors take less care when attending a hottie. For once, being plain actually gets us better medical care!

You might get less dates

Yes, you read right. Going up to a really hot person can be intimidating, so a lot of times people don’t even bother. So yes, it’s lonely at the top. How many times have you heard a supermodel complain, while sipping champagne on a boat, that no one asks her out since she became a world famous model? But in all seriousness, OKCupid, an online dating website, reported that people with quirky, less perfect pictures actually get asked out more than people with perfect photos. So maybe it can be lonely at the top.

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