Are We Ready For These Movie Remakes?

The movie world seems to be abuzz with news of remakes and sequels. Some are happy to see their favorite childhood movies see the light of day again (and with new technology to boot) and yet there are even more outraged that producers can’t let things lie (aka, they’re going to butcher beloved childhood-shaping movies).

Where do you fall? Personally I fall in between the two. On one hand, I cannot wait to see these magical worlds come to life again; on the other hand, they’re going to fuck it up. Why? Because they always do.

The audience of today is not the same as the audience of yesteryear. Now we can’t sit through a movie if it isn’t filled with special effects, has a fast paced script, snappy acting, yadda, yadda, yadda. Especially if it is of the comedy or fantasy genre. For instance let’s compare two TV shows about the life of kids in the 80s. First, Freaks and Geeks, created in the late 90s and second, The Goldbergs created now. While both shows are good (I know, I know, F&G is legendary), the pacing is completely different. The humor has crossed over to almost slapstick standards. And I’m afraid that this might happen to our beloved remakes.


With one of the catchiest theme songs ever (I mean, “Who you gonna call???”) and a brilliant story (not to mention actors), Ghostbusters became a hit with the mainstream and the geeks. And now they’re doing a sequel/remake with an all female cast. I mean… It’s supposed to be a whole new story so it’ll be cool to see how that turns out (provided they don’t fit the women into skin tight suits and fill it with gratuitous boob shots) but at the same time a part of me wants the same cast from yesteryear. Failing that, I don’t care if it’s all male, all female, or all slimy green creatures.


O. M. G.

Shut up!

I almost died when I read that they’re doing a remake of my all time favorite childhood movie. I mean, who didn’t LOVE Labyrinth?? I mean come on!

And then I remember that they’ll probably replace the puppets with CGI and who’s to say if The Goblin King will return as Goblin King and if there’s no Bowie I just ain’t going! Oh, who am I kidding? I’d go watch this if it were made with cartoon drawings and fart noises.

That goes for Ghostbusters too. *droops head in shame*

And sadly, the movie producers know this. So for the sake of our sanity we shall not discount the possibility that it might all turn out well in the end. I mean, they revived Doctor Who and look at how popular it is now? Right?

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