With more and more cameras tracking our movements, it’s understandable that some people are getting worried that big brother is getting too comfortable tracking us. That’s why artist Leonardo Selvaggio decided to start an IndieGoGO campaign to combat this – by creating masks of his face that people can wear instead.

URME SURVEILLANCE: Indiegogo Campaign from Leo Selvaggio on Vimeo.

“URME (pronounced you’re-me) represents artist-driven, anti-surveillance devices made for the public. Working as an artist in Chicago, the most widely surveilled city in the nation, and seeing how it has affected the way I behave and think about public space, I have an overwhelming urge to protect the public from such surveillance,” he says on his IndieGoGo campaign page.

Artist’s Proposal to Foil Surveillance

Selvaggio plans to create a full prosthetic and a simple paper mask that people can wear and then be identified as him by automated recognition software. These will be sold at cost because he firmly believes that everyone has a right to their privacy.

On one hand I will pay good money to see a street full of people wearing his face masks and to then see the reaction that it gets from the powers that be. On the other hand, this is also creepy. What do you think? Is this the solution to our surveillance problem?

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  1. Probably the weirdest thing I will read online all day.