Ash vs Evil Dead Looks Groovy!

Hail to the King, baby! Ash Williams – the boomstick totin’, wiseguy, demon ass kicker – is back and once again, he’s taking no prisoners. The film-to-TV adaptation-cum-sequel of Sam Raimi’s glorious horror-com trilogy is carving its way through to the small screen like a whirring chainsaw through rotting Deadite flash and quite frankly ladies and ghouls… WE CANNOT WAIT.

Bruce Campbell returns to his best-known and most-loved role and once again finds the weight of the underworld on his shoulders. The three-minute trailer released by Starz network – who will be showing the series from Halloween onward – shows the mighty Bruce Campbell in all his blood-soaked, one liner, gurning glory.

Questions abound of course. The first being just how did Ash make it back after oversleeping his way thousands of years into the future as he did at the end of Army Of Darkness? Can he still wield his trusty chainsaw hand as well as he did when he was slicing and dicing his way through 1300 A.D.? How is Lucy Lawless still a badass, the trailer showing her blowing away a deadie baddie in typically OTT fashion? And most importantly – can Ash still dance with the Devil and live to tell the tale?

Fans of the original trilogy needn’t worry. Despite moving from S-Mart to Value Mart, Ash chugs around in a rustbucket of a car and lives in a trailer. So you can bet that life hasn’t been kind to our hero and he is desperate to prove his worth again.

If you aren’t excited enough already, then check out the trailer below for wisecracks, vicious bottle stabbing and the extreme amounts of blood and gore that we’ve all grown accustomed to.

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