#AskELJames: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?!

This just in from the file marked People Never Learn…

Has there ever been a Twitter Q&A that has gone smoothly? Twitter can be enough of a cut-throat death pit where you have to wade knee deep in sarcastic and malicious maniacs without then quite literally inviting them to focus their beams on you and let rip with volleys of red-hot venom. And despite her kajillions of book sales and ill-gotten fortune, 50 Shades of Grey author E.L. James isn’t exactly a revered figure. Millions have taken umbrage to her terrible writing, the fact she totally ripped off Stephanie Meyers’ Twilight series – a set of books already beset by true awfulness – and changed seedy fan fiction into the biggest literary phenomenon since Harry Potter waved his little wand around the place and the moral questions her book inadvertently asks of its readers and others.

So it was with a frightening sense of inevitability that her Twitter Q&A – #AskELJames – went down in flames; Twitter’s equivalent of the Hindenburg disaster (for her anyway). Sure enough, the Twitter freaks and geeks took to destroying James with aplomb. Here’s a selection of the best and funniest tweets from this rather ill-advised PR stunt. Perhaps it’s safe to say that James’ agent is currently tied to a rack somewhere in a dungeon. It’s ok though… they asked for it.

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