The invitation said that the dress code was formal, so L and I went shopping. The initial high from shopping soon dissolved into a low-grade stress in trying to find something suitably skanky yet high-end without breaking the bank. I had never been to a fetish party and I was feeling the pressure of being just the right amount of ‘fetish’ (if that makes sense). Nevertheless, I figured if I showed up looking hot that would be cool too, since the invitation also said that most people just walk around naked.

I have to admit, that scared me. I wasn’t sure what my “walking around naked” comfort level was. I wasn’t sure how good I would look. But at $100 per person, I wasn’t going to miss this party.

When we showed up we were met by a polite man with a clipboard who checked us in and escorted us up to the top floor of the hotel, where the party was being held. As soon as the lift doors opened we were greeted by the sight of a woman, bent over, gagged and handcuffed, being spanked by a man.

attending a fetish party

We’re not in Kansas anymore!

It was like entering a different land! On our left was the free flowing bar, and everywhere else was anything you wanted it to be. One room has a swing so you can be suspended and flogged/spanked/whatever. In another there was a human sushi bar. In another there was a man who would give you a full body (mostly naked) massage using his whole body to stretch and knead you. It was full on erotic and I really wanted to give it a go but was a little too shy!

The atmosphere was decadent and the people were beautiful (especially since entrance followed a strict protocol which involves submitting a photograph). L and I headed for the bar. We needed some drinks in us. Luckily for us, we knew some people there who introduced us around. We danced on the dance floor trying to be cool but all around us there was all manner of debauchery happening and it was hot.

The rules were strict – which made everyone feel safe (no cameras, phones, etc., always ask for permission, no aggressive hitting on people and so on) but everyone was friendly, so even a cheeky smile or a come hither look was enough to get it on.

At one point some hotel guests accidently got to the penthouse (which is where the party was held). The looks on their faces was priceless (imagine the door to the lift opening and you enter a huge room with a roaring party going on and everyone is hot and almost all the girls are naked or dressed in the sexiest manner possible. That’s right). They whipped out their phones but our ‘bodyguard’ was on them in a second! And they were escorted down.

It was really great to see other women who are so comfortable with their bodies, with their sexuality, with their prowess! It made me more comfortable, more sexual and because of the rules in place, I felt in control. Nothing that I didn’t want would happen. I didn’t have to worry if I was being too forwards, being a slut or being a prude. I could just be myself. I could fuck, I could not fuck, I could be rough handled (if that’s my thing), I could be gagged, I could even put on a gimp suit and be electrocuted while being strapped onto a portable stand. It was all cool and that felt liberating.

In fact it was the most liberating thing I’ve ever done, because it takes the basest of your needs, brings it out in the open and says, “It’s all good, no judgment”. Plus, the people are cool!

We left at 4am, and the party was still pumping. As we floated home all sexed up and satisfied, we knew that this wouldn’t be the last of this experience. And we couldn’t wait for more!

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