Austrian Brothel Offers Free Sex In Tax Protest

In a novel take on the idea of making money – i.e. not trying to at all – a brothel in Austria is promising customers free sex for the next two months in a protest against the country’s tax laws.

“We’re not paying any more tax!” says an announcement on the Pascha Bordello website. “From now on: Free entry! Free drinks! Free sex!” The manager of the brothel – based in the city of Salzburg – says he will be paying the money the workers would usually make from clients in the wake of the announcement.

Owner Hermann Müller told Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung that they have had to turn away hundreds of men – in some cases forming a line around the block – who were rocking up for a slice of the action.

Müller owns a chain of establishments in both Austria and neighboring Germany – sex work having been legalized in both nations – and claims that taxation on his Austrian business is exorbitantly high.

“In the past decade alone I’ve paid nearly €5m in taxes in Salzburg alone,” he said. “And they want more and more, instead of cracking down on illegal street and apartment prostitution.”

Critics of the scheme claim that Müller is simply drumming up publicity for his business, which might not be that lofty a claim. Despite Müller’s pledge to pay his staff out of his own pocket, sex workers are deemed as self-employed under Austrian law and thus liable for their own taxes.

Still, it puts a new slant on the concept of not giving a fuck.

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