Your Definitive Guide To The SexTech Revolution On Monday March 9, 2015, BaDoink magazine will be hosting the inaugural edition of its ‘Future of SexTech’ roundtable as part of a line-up of events at The European Summit, an annual business-oriented adult industry convention which this year takes place in the sunny seaside town of Sitges on the Spanish coast. The roundtable will be hosted and moderated by John Lane, BaDoink’s Editor-in-Chief, and will feature a panel of industry leaders from across the spectrum – including live cam performer and organizer of the Live Cam Awards Alexandra Georgia; GM of sex toy artistes Fleshlight Europe, Juan Zenia; CEO of BaDoink, Todd Glider; Christopher O’Connell, co-founder and Chief Software Architect of adult app super-store Mikandi; and CEO of teledildonics innovators Kiiroo, Toon Timmermans.

“We’re well into the 21st Century now,” said Lane, who plans to guide the panelists through a series of questions centered on the burgeoning SexTech industry, from basic definitions through to specifics like investment issues, the difficulty of being involved in a sex-related industry at a time of increasing morality and, of course, functions and usage. “It makes sense that we as a sexual and as a technological species are exploring how we can combine those elements of our nature — and, make no mistake, technology is a part of our nature — in ways that both display our ingenuity and, of course, are fun to play with. 2015 will be the year it kicks off in the mainstream. The SexTech revolution starts here.”

BaDoink Hosts Roundtable on The Future of SexTech

The roundtable is all part of BaDoink’s stated mission is to drive the SexTech discussion in 2015 and beyond, and to lead the charge to a more open, sex positive dialogue in the mainstream, where it sees itself as the voice of the new SexTech generation and a champion of the industry.

Long may that voice sing out in the night.

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