BaDoink Hosts 'Future Of SexTech' Panel At The European Summit

The Hotel Calipolis in Sitges, Spain, played host to the 2015 edition of the ever-popular and well-regarded European Summit. A host of leaders, stars and other associates of the adult industry converged on the picturesque coastal town for three days and nights of hard-headed dealing, reconnection and partying.

But away from the bustle of the Calipolis’ lobby, BaDoink’s Editor-In-Chief John Lane chaired a Round Table Discussion on The Future Of SexTech. Joining John on the panel were representatives some of the industry’s most reliable and reputable brands in the industry.

Flanking John was Juan Zenia, GM of Fleshlight Europe, Toon Timmermans, CEO of Kiiroo, Tobias Peer, CEO of Thrixxx, Christopher O’Connel, Co-Founder of MiKandi, Alexandra Georgia, who was fresh from hosting and organizing the previous night’s Live Cam Awards and, last but by no means least, CEO of BaDoink, Todd Glider.

The esteemed panel traversed the wide range of topics that fall under the SexTech umbrella.

“SexTech is putting into the mainstream what we already know and do,” remarked Todd to a packed audience that left standing room only. Toon agreed and extrapolated further, remarking on the versality of SexTech as one of its key attributes and it “being the best way to improve the experience of our customers”.

Alas, we also touched upon that usual sticky topic of problems faced by both start-ups and established companies. Christopher ruminated on the typical woes of “run ins with Google and Apple”, while one member of the panel told a disbelieving audience that their company had been approached by their government and asked if they were involved in terrorism… simply for being an adult company!

Alexandra allied her own experiences in the live cam industry to those of the business reps from the SexTech world, stating that for both areas acceptance from the community is all about trust. Although “it can be tough,” she said.

The panel also danced their way through topics such as what the future of SexTech will be defined by (“virtual reality,” according to Juan), SexTech as a facilitator for healthy and renewed sexual and personal relationships and how it is the customer’s wants and needs that are shaping the near future marketplace.

After an hour of informative discussion, peppered with a little humour of course, and some questions from the audience, all retired for the post-panel wind down, to discuss ideas of the shape of things to come and to engage in a little light networking.

The future is bright – and like a roundtable itself, BaDoink’s panel discussions will continue for some time yet.

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