BaDoink VR and Free VR Goggles Takes World Press By Storm

In just a few short days, the launch of BaDoink VR – the biggest innovation in adult entertainment since the rise of the internet – and Free VR Goggles – the great give away that has seen thousands of people in the US given the opportunity to experience the revolution first hand – had captured the imaginations of people and the press worldwide.

Demand to acquire a pair of Free VR Goggles has been extremely high with thousands of people clamoring to own their own pair to take part in BaDoink’s VR revolution. The world’s press too have been quick to realize the seismic shift BaDoink’s latest launch has provoked. The New York Post led the charge, praising BaDoink for not forcing its users for paying the “stiff premium” that other VR headsets can set you back.

Spanish outlet El Mundo were enthralled by “the leading brand in SexTech” bringing forth technology that “promises a unique experience” that means “you will never look at the industry the same way again.”

Both re/code and CNBC got involved too, writing that BaDoink’s success and the immediate rush on Free VR Goggles and BaDoink VR was “a surprise to nobody.” Elsewhere, Cult Of Mac wrote that as well as BaDoink’s success, the economic factor and availability of Free VR Goggles “are certainly going to help the platform expand” beyond what it is already.

With press and attention gained in Germany, Hungary and beyond, BaDoink VR and Free VR Goggles are already enticing people the world over. Now it’s time for you jump on the train as it gathers its unstoppable momentum. Soon you’ll be able to say “I was there when… ”

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