Let me lay this down, women like lingerie. By lingerie I mean, we like sexy lingerie and we like expensive lingerie. And, while we are perfectly capable of buying our own (in fact we probably prefer it), it’s always nice to have our men buy some for us. It turns us on knowing that you put some thought into how we can turn you on. What doesn’t turn us on is some of the cheap, skanky (not sexy) lingerie that you buy us.

Agent Provocateur
Agent Provocateur

Don’t get me wrong, we applaud your (misguided) gusto, but to save you some polite thank yous from the missus, I’ve listed all the best places you can shop for some hot, hot, hot lingerie! These are pieces that are meant to come off – not pieces for practicality.

Carrine Gilson – We shall start at the top, with the crème de la crème of couture lingerie. So expensive, it will make your head spin but so damn sexy you won’t mind!

I.D Sarrieri – Impress your lady with some handmade couture lingerie adorned with Swarovski elements. I.D Sarrieri also adorns the bodies of luscious ladies like Cameron Diaz, Katie Holmes, Eva Longoria, Keira Knightley, Halle Berry, Cindy Crawford, Julianne Moore and Charlize Theron.

Agent Provocateur – Ah, Agent Provocateur… built to provoke and tease and do all those things that drive you wild! Slightly lower on the price scale but still oh so yummy, you can’t go wrong!

Carrine Gilson
Carrine Gilson

Maison Close – It just keeps getting sultrier and sexier! Maison Close brings the price range down to regular human levels but still keeps it sizzling!

Chantal Thomas – Chantal Thomas takes naughty to a new level with their cheeky and colorful lingerie. Guaranteed to make you wanna do a little spanking!

Something Wicked – For the man (and woman) with some fetish fantasies! They also sell a range of pleasure toys to add in to all the fun!

Kiss me deadly – For the modern man with old fashion taste! Yummy form-fitting corsets and stockings bringing you back to the pin-up era where women were curvy and loved it!

Made by Niki – Swinging to the other end of the spectrum we have the ultra modern Made by Niki with some pieces being almost sci-fi!

So there you have it, lingerie to satisfy almost every taste. First of all, you’re welcome; secondly and lastly tell us how it goes in the comment section!

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