The human race is not without its fair share of problems. But throughout it all a solid core of us strive to encourage and promote fairness, equality and just plain old common sense.

So it’s with no shortage of pride that we bring you news of an historical moment in British politics: the 2015 General Election will include a candidate who is not only blind, but the very first transgender candidate in parliamentary history.

Gotta love the sweet sound of progress, right?

Emily Brothers will be representing the Labour party, Britain’s most prominent opposition, in the constituency of Sutton and Cheam in South London should she win next year.

Her boss, Labour Party leader Ed Miliband, sees this nomination as another step forward to a more just society.

Brothers, who was left blind after a childhood bout of glaucoma, spoke with BaDoink about being a part of history and her plans for the future.

Emily feels a sense of pride for being the first transgender candidate in British political history. “The response has been overwhelmingly positive from all sides.”

When speaking to Pink News, the interview in which Emily came out as transgender, she stated that ideally she would not have had to reveal this. Does she perhaps feel she’s been backed into a corner in the name of progression and tolerance?

“No, not at all. Sometimes a person must do something which may hurt them personally but does something positive for the wider community. Being a politician is all about trust and I need to earn it from my constituents.”

Ah yes, just what would the fair people of Sutton and Cheam get from Ms Brothers, should she win her vote in May?

“They should expect a hard-working, committed Member of Parliament who will tackle austerity, try to bring some genuine economic recovery to the area and look to protect our precious public services, particularly health.”

Amen to that!

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