We’re always inundated with movies and images of just how awful a zombie apocalypse would be. I mean, everyone you love will be dead, food will run out; everything as you know it will end and of course the small issue of zombies trying to eat you. Sounds terrible.

Can the Zombie Apocalypse Be Fun?

But you know what? We’ve just been watching too much The Walking Dead a show filled with people who make the worst decisions ever. But thanks to a successful campaign by Boost Mobile Australia we’ve been taught a new way at looking at the zombie apocalypse. A way that is fun and cute and filled with gratuitous ass shots. The campaign (which was in 2013) got a whole bunch of feedback from all parties: The “Hell yeah! Zombies!” and the pearl clutchers. Either way, these superbly violent short films are quite fun to watch. Sure you have moments of, “Uhm… yeah right that’ll kill a zombie!” but hey, you gotta give them points for trying!

How to do weekly shopping during a Zombie Apocalypse

You get to roller skate around an empty store killing zombies with a cricket bat while your girlfriend dances on the cash register? Sounds fun to me! And it’s all free to boot!

How to get petrol during a Zombie Apocalypse

We all know how much of a commodity petrol will be when the apocalypse hits! When you’re low on petrol, how would one clear the zombie threat in a street full of potential zombie hiding spots without getting caught in an attack? Well lucky for us, this anonymous, helmeted man will show us his failsafe trick only using his boombox from the 80s and some machetes attached to his motorcycle foot pegs.

How to clear an office full of Zombies

Even though living in a zombie apocalypse means you never have to spend your days working in a boring office again, sometimes that’s where all the good phone chargers are, on account of uhm… this storyline. And you know once you get into a boring office, there are boring zombies still trying to get through their boring zombie workdays and in order to get to the phone chargers you’ll need to eliminate the threat. Lucky for us, this video teaches us how to do just that.

See! The Apocalypse can be manageable and fun if you still had your phone plan, social media and wifi. Amiright?

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