One of the great advantages of adulthood – assuming we have a job and at least a somewhat active sex life –  is the steady availability of a place where we can freely have sex. It’s a privilege we can easily take for granted. For many teenagers, some married people with the occasional fling, and those with little time and/or patience who simply can’t be bothered to make it home, a car keeps being the location of choice.

While fucking in a car can actually be fun in certain situations, anyone who’s tried it would agree that it is far from the most comfortable option. Sticks can get stuck in odd places, feet might get tangled up with seat belts, and accidental honks may occur in a moment of unbridled enjoyment. We’re aware these events come with the territory, but with a little help maybe we could avoid the rookie mistakes and make the best out of the space our vehicle allows us to maneuver.

Carma Sutra: A Guide for Car Sex

Alex Gaines and Esther Selsdon are a husband and wife team whose shared passion for cars, writing, and adventurous sex led them to author Carma Sutra: The Auto-Erotic Handbook, the first-ever manual of sex positions specifically designed to be used inside a car.

You might be thinking what works in one car may not work in another one, and you know what? They thought of that, too! That’s why the book is packed with full-colored illustrated position suggestions that will help you take full advantage of the space you have, regardless of the car model.

Carma Sutra comes with wise words of advice to avoid certain risky moves; also tips for maintaining both, your car’s interior and your privates; as well as a thorough checklist to make sure your dates will go smoothly and without unwanted surprises.

Carma Sutra: A Guide for Car Sex

Both spouses have plenty of experience on the various topics covered in the book. Alex is an auto-mechanic, who has worked as a corporate journalist for Ford and reviews car gadgets for The Financial Times. Esther is a feature writer for Vogue and has been a scriptwriter for several television shows.

Some of the positions might require a certain amount of flexibility and a relaxed attitude capable of handling tight spaces without panicking, but hey, if you’re tired of those old yoga classes and would like challenge yourself while trying something more recreational in the comfort of your own vehicle, this book might be all you need to fog those windows up in ways your teenage self never thought possible.

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