Celebrate National Orgasm Day!

So tomorrow is the single best end of the working week of the year. July 31st marks the hallowed celebration of everyone’s favorite pastime, reaching sexual climax, and we here at BaDoink.io wish to help you celebrate in style.

National Orgasm Day is one of many seemingly silly holidays cooked up by internet or corporate brains. First celebrated in 2014 after English bloggers decreed it so, according to sites such as AL.com and MTLBlog.com – although PR folks in the adult industry say it’s roots date back to 2007 – it’s more than a frivolous false holiday.

Orgasm is something to be celebrated, the sensation definitely deserving of national recognition. Sexual climax can offer all sorts of health benefits, including lowered stress levels and pain reduction sans outside chemicals. However, don’t let this tentacle maliciously about the brain like Valentine’s Day does to so many over-vexed and undersexed individuals and partners. Let National Orgasm Day be a reminder that sex, in all its subjective glory, is important and empowering, regardless of the end result.

Last year, sexual and relationship therapist Victoria Lehmann wrote an impassioned piece in The Independent reminding anyone celebrating National Orgasm Day that climax is different for each individual, and not achieving said apex is not a cause for existential concern. According to Lehmann, the error is trying to orgasm the way it’s portrayed in various media, where it’s best to look inward to discover what’s sexually right for you.

With that in mind, though, what are some exciting ways to make National Orgasm Day special? BaDoink.io has recently set the Internet ablaze with a fancy new VR adult platform, complete with free Google Cardboard kits for consumers of this content. So whether you’re alone or amongst other sexual adventurers, VR media, and other toys and devices that either link up or work independently, are definitely possibilities for revolutionary pleasure.

As well, there are always classic routes you can take to ensure a lovely Friday, especially if swift orgasm isn’t the goal. Last year, Metro.co.uk ran a piece by Slutty Girl Problems detailing ways to achieve a mightier climax, much of the advice applicable to sexual experience on the whole, rather than just the finale.

According to the piece, it could be pertinent to allow yourself, even if just for the holiday, to indulge in the fantasies you’d otherwise not explore – nothing like a national celebration to give permission to open up. Also, other good ideas would be to engage in foreplay throughout the entire day, possibly utilizing technologies now available to keep folks connected even though Friday is technically a work day, filling the space with candles and sensual oils, or even edging, the ultimate way to show reverence toward orgasm.

Really, it’s up to you how you wish to celebrate such a sacred celebration of sexuality and its peak, and 2015 is quite the year for sex devices, immersive media, and other countless innovations. There’s quite an impressive array of methods by which orgasm can now be reached. Of course, this doesn’t mean that not climaxing on the 31st is anything to be ashamed at. National Orgasm Day is celebrating the importance of excellent sex, not urging everyone to meet any one expectation. Enjoy the journey to orgasm as you see fit.

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