Since the birth of peep shows and porno tapes, everyone and their mother – because their father was too busy watching it – has raised an eyebrow and a voice to the perils of porn. It’s ruining the world, in case you were wondering. Not really but that’s what people want you to think. Just like Obama is to blame for everything else wrong with this world but that’s a different story.


It’s that time of year when the tech world lands on Vegas rock and the rest of us sit on Twitter to see what fun new toys we can hope to buy this year. Virtual reality is at the top of that list and now with Oculus Rift announcing pre orders to begin on Wednesday – heads everywhere are spinning or they will be soon and quite possibly from motion sickness if you believe the hype. Don’t.

Now re enter porn. Virtual reality porn, that is. Hands down it led the VR revolution in 2015. And, for good reason, simulating another person’s body is quite frankly one of the most intriguing concepts to this tech. Just ask these people – they have plenty to say about what it’s like to assume another – really hot – person’s body – “my abs have never looked so good!”

However, the anti fun brigade, which is ironic if you think about it, won’t have any of it and they swear it has nothing to do with how virtual reality porn and sex could infringe on their business. And they want you to know they are sincerely concerned with your health and well being.


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