If you’ve ever been to Ikea anywhere in the western world, you know one thing very well: It’s going to be a taxing day. You’re going to buy a bunch of stuff, some of it very necessary, some of it not, but it might be under five bucks and you talk yourself into it anyway; but one thing that’s for sure is that it takes its toll on your body. That’s a lot of shopping, a lot of decisions, a lot of walking around, and it’s usually pretty damn far from wherever it is you live.

If you, like me, are a dude who puts considerably less stock on your Ikea visit than the girl you live/went with, you’re also very much aware you’re going to spend your whole day there. There’s no escaping it, you just know that you have to keep walking and following people through this suburban maze while hoping for the best. Deal with it.

Unless you’re in China, apparently.

People all over China simply seem to be going to Ikea to take naps on the furniture. And unlike anywhere in the States or Europe, employees won’t be telling you this isn’t allowed; in fact, it’s encouraged!

China, which is home to eight of the 10 largest Ikea stores in the world, apparently necessitates all this space for more room displays that allow their growing napping population to feel right at home. People who work around the area go every day to take a nap, which kinda sounds amazing once you get over the weirdness. Some people have even said they live nearby and just go to Ikea often to chill on the comfy couches and beds. You know, just a little afternoon hang.

It’s an interesting sales strategy. On the one hand, many “customers” are just there to relax and not buy anything; on the other hand, it does speak highly of the comfort and durability of their products, not to mention a growing familiarity with them. Once you break a couch in, you want that couch, especially when Ikea is closed, or when you walk in just to see your favorite sofa being hogged by some napping businessman.

So next time you’re in China and feel a little drowsy, just stop by Ikea, grab a refreshing lingonberry beverage and get to your favorite couch/bed (if it’s available, it seems like you might have to get there early).

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