Comingle: Progress Report From The SexTech Pioneers

When we interviewed Comingle founder Andrew Quitmeyer at the beginning of 2015 it was obvious that their trajectory as a business and as forward-thinking, liberal individuals had the potential to crash through the roof and beyond.

Two months after completing a successful crowdfunding campaign for their dizzyingly exciting Mod device, it was heartening to receive an email from Comingle filling in the blanks and details in regards to the last 60 days. And boy, a LOT has gone on.

First off, let’s play the numbers game. As Comingle so proudly told us, it goes a little like this:

1 Workshop (build your own vibrator workshop at Ladyfest Atlanta)
2 new how-to articles
8 3D model revisions
12 circuit board revisions
4162 lines of code written

Not merely content with that statistics of it all, Comingle are also perfecting an unusual manufacturing method for the Mod. How pleasantly predictable! Many other toys house their components in a rigid plastic housing and then over-mold silicone on top of the housing at high temperature and pressure. Comingle will eschew the usual routine and embed their electronics directly in silicone at normal pressure and lower temperatures. This lets the toy keep some flexibility and – as they themselves tell us – “makes it feel nicer.” Instead of a plastic housing, the parts all sit on a plastic carrier which is used to hold the parts at the correct position while liquid silicone is poured around them and cured. It’s exciting to see SexTech in such full flow!

As for the rest of it… well, they’re not giving the game away entirely. Move on to talk about software and they all of a sudden become shy and coy. They must have something very cool up their collective sleeves. “We’re actively at work here and are going to have something cool for you. We’ll reveal more as we get closer to launch!”

We can’t wait… and we hope you can’t either!

Comingle: Progress Report From The SexTech Pioneers
Abstract concepts courtesy of Comingle!

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