Who doesn’t love products that combine two of the greatest things in the world?

If you hear the name “Hot Buns”, you might think it’s a perfect stripper handle — and I’m sure it is, somewhere. But, it also happens to be the name of a gastro burger joint in Denmark that is looking to combine their already established eatery with a side of sex shop.

Hot Buns opened last March on Gothersgade, one of Copenhagen’s main party streets, and is known for their homemade gourmet burgers and scantily dressed waitresses. The next step, you ask? How about some vibrators, cock rings, dildos or whips with your order?

Danish Gastropub Sells Sex Toys with Burgers

The restaurant had already caused some controversy in Denmark earlier this year by installing a dress policy for their waitresses (no dudes allowed in the serving staff!) that consisted of sexy tank tops and tiny denim shorts, which caused a woman’s rights activist to say: “Fast food normally makes you feel guilty, but this burger should make people feel extra guilty and leave a bad taste in the mouth.”

Their Instagram will give you a pretty good idea of what to expect at the restaurant, as they treat us to a wonderful selection of photos of succulent hot buns. They also show pictures of burgers.

The place is sort of a classier version of Hooters, if you will. The burgers seem better and the women (Danish girls!) are hotter, but the concept is similar. The sex toys, though, promise to take this to another level.

Mathias Kær, the owner of Hot Buns, believes this new move tackles people’s main needs on Copenhagen’s weekend nightlife.

Danish Gastropub Sells Sex Toys with Burgers

On Friday and Saturday nights there are only two things most people want: sex and food,” Kær told The Local. “We’re combining them both.”

Although clearly appealing and novel, some backlash is to be expected, either for moral reasons or because some people might not want their food associated with sexual paraphernalia.

“When we opened in March, we had a lot of press, and a lot of politicians and feminists who were against this concept,” said Kær, “But we aren’t doing this just for the attention, we are doing it because we believe in it as a business concept.”

Of course, attention is part of the business concept, but it’s an understandable point. Hot Buns After Dark will surely have its share of curious people, but it might also generate a few regulars.

Hey, when in Copenhagen, there’s nothing wrong with a little hedonism.

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