Natty Bumpo and Sam Spade may be dead, but all too often so is loyalty, love and trust from your employees, business associates, spouse or friends. Here is the perfect tool for tracking them.

The GPS-4X Miniature Self-Contained Weatherproof Motion-Activated Magnetic-Mount Battery-Powered GPS Car Tracker is a little miracle. It provides up to 50 hours of motion-activated tracking and will not drain its battery when your vehicle is stationary. Indeed, all you need is two AAA alkaline batteries.

The GPS-4X is so small that the personal tracking device can be placed in a suitcase, purse, backpack, tire bed, glove compartment; indeed, anywhere you can think of in or under a vehicle in seconds, and it is already used as a tool by the government, law enforcement, investigative journalists, private investigators, and individuals like yourself.

It is also simple to use in monitoring all the vehicular activities of teenagers or spouses and the recorded vehicle data is easy to download. You simply remove the GPS-4X from the vehicle and plug into a PC/laptop USB port for downloading and incorporation of the GPS data into the USA mapping software which is included as part of the package.

The GPS-4X automatically stores up to 360,000 positional notations for monitoring up to at least 100 hours of driving time. Once it has been downloaded to a PC or laptop, it allows you to produce classified, comprehensive, printable reports with the ability to map all vehicle activities including positioning, speed, and a time/date stamp.

Encased in a rugged weatherproof ABS Plastic Magnetic-Mount Case, the GPS-4X is incredibly easy to install, the unit only needs you to put in the batteries, close the unit and use its magnet to install under the rear of the vehicle. There are no confusing external switches or components. Its ‘sleep’ mode is automatic, turning on to preserve the batteries after two minutes without motion. Included in the package is NMEA GPS Communication Protocol, a SIRF Chip (suitable for use inside vehicle), USA Street-Level Mapping Software which is compatible to the mapping programs: Google Earth, Fugawi and Microsoft Streets.

Most practical of all, considering the alternative spyware available out there, there are no hidden extra fees for the software.16-Channel GPS Receiver (Internal Hi-Gain GPS Antenna).

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