DIY Sex Toys - Using What You Have

Still on board the pleasure train? Finding pleasure doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. In fact, one can have a great time just playing with things around the house. I wanted to create a mild kinky scene without having to shill big bucks on bondage ropes, handcuffs, nipple clamps and more. These things are great but sometimes toys can run up quite a bill.

So I took up the challenge of recreating it at home, with what I have, for free.

The Challenge: Kink without spending a cent

How: Using household items

Challenge Accepted! 

So off I went to gather playthings.

Items gathered: Silk stockings, leather belt, clothing clips, shoe laces.

Silk Stockings

I must silk stockings are amazing for tying people up. They’re soft and smooth, and quite long. Yeah you won’t be able to do fancy bondage knots, but you can definitely do a basic knot. Be sure you have a scissor at hand in case you can’t get your partner out. And don’t tie the knot too tight that it cuts off blood flow or damages a nerve. Head over to YouTube to learn a few basic knots and practice.

The Verdict:

Sexiness: 7/10

I felt it was pretty hot cuz I was wearing them, and then he took them off and used it to tie me up. That in itself was enough to make me want to use them again. Add to the fact that they’re soft and smooth and didn’t hurt me, and I was sold. Because of the smoothness, before tying me up, he lightly ran the stockings over my body, which was divine. Definitely worth losing a pair for this!

Leather Belt

Initially it was going to be used to replace handcuffs, but trying to buckle it according to size was impossible. We did mull over the idea of using it around the neck as a collar, but that got dangerous as there is no stopper and if you pull at one end, it tightens around the neck. Bad idea! Best to be safe! Finally we settled using it to spank each other.

The Verdict

Sexiness: 9/10

I have to say, a nice broad leather belt is almost like using a real paddle – the soft kind. Almost. It takes some getting used to, and you need to adjust how hard you hit (the harder the leather, the harder you feel it), but in the end when we got the hang of it, it was wild!

Clothing Clips

We took off clothing clips that hang on hangers (the metal kind you hang your trousers from), and tested it out on my nipples first. It was a little too strong, so we downgraded to normal clothing clips, which were better. I mean, once you get used to the pain, you can always upgrade.

The Verdict:

Sexiness: 6/10

It’s not that this didn’t work, but it wasn’t really my thing. But it was still fun to play with.

Shoe Laces

The idea was to create a homemade cat-o-nine using shoelaces. We didn’t have any leather shoelaces, so we had to settle with the regular kind from sports shoes. Hah!

The Verdict:

Sexiness: 4/10

Somehow swinging a bunch of shoelaces at someone’s ass just didn’t quite cut it like we thought it would. As to whether it worked… that depends. The shoelaces were too light to lightly whip a person, I didn’t feel much. But as soon as you added some pressure it became too ‘sharp’, so it was hard to find a middle ground. Ah well.

At the end of the day, adding some homemade sex toys to the fold was a big success even if there were some hiccups. I would love to know what homemade sex toys you have used in the past! Let me know in the comments.

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  1. halo noon.

  2. I used a bicycle innertube cut in in lengths and stretch it over 5 gal water bottle spout and the other end too tape it off and it makes makes a good fuck toy with heated lube. Penis pump are expensive to buy if I buy one I usually modify to be a universal. Device capable of several tasks and actions. I haven’t been with many girls that can compete with homemade pumpnsuck fuck toys.

  3. Shoelace floggers are really best for heavy BDSM and masochism. With force you can easily draw blood, but without force it’s basically sensation play only.
    For homemade floggers, I like using boondoggle. It’s stingy, not thuddy (unless you use 100+ falls) but it is easier to control the level of sensation. For an added sting, try cutting the ends at a diagonal. 😉
    Bicycle innertubes cut into strips, looped around an o ring or d-ring then taped to make a handle is an easy was to make a thuddy flogger.
    For BDSM newbies, it’s important to figure out where they like an impact that stings or thuds. If you like thuddy but receive stingy, it’s harder to get a pleasurably painful experience. Personally, I’d rather get punched in the butt than spanked any day. Thuddy 4 E