Right, it really feels like privacy is going to the shitter. Amazingly enough even though people seem to be protesting the government spying on us and ‘invading our privacy’, it’s not the government releasing nekkid, illegally obtained photos of celebrities and random people through Snapsaved. In fact, the people doing the most protesting also seem to be doing all the hacking. Trolls seem to be roaming the information superhighway, seemingly setting up their own tolls and extracting the payment and revenge they crave. So when I see app like these, I have to ask, do we really need them? Do we really need the fuel to feed the trolls?

Anonymous Text Messaging – the service for cowards?

Of course, the Internet is already so anonymous, let’s add another layer to it and send anonymous text messages to people through a service called Mermur. While it might have started out as a fun way to send cheeky messages, a way to declare your love, a funny joke to play on a friend, in this day and age it could also mean it’s an untraceable way to threaten someone, send mean messages and basically to bully without conscience.

Although they do state on their website dos and don’t:


It’s an anonymous service, who’s going to care or follow these guidelines? It’s like a bomb waiting to go off. So I ask, do we really need this??

Do We Really Need Apps Like These?

Vent app – a disaster waiting to happen?

Ever feel like you know something bad just might happen soon? Well, with Vent I feel the same way. Vent is an app that encourages people to, well, complain, and get things off your chest anonymously. This sounds great; we all need this every once in a while. That’s why websites like PostSecret and apps like Secret and Whisper are so popular. People want to be heard but not seen.

While for now there seems to be a lot of just proper venting and letting of steam, you know with just enough searching you’ll unearth the scum of vents. This app allows to share your vent without having a list of friends – so it’s much more anonymous – so you can scroll through other vents that people have shared. You can also comment on other peoples’ vents. Sounds nice but as always, a few trolls outnumber the many. So again, do we really need this?

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