The other day I was watching this porn where this Latina (maybe) chick is trying to fuck the biggest dicks she can find. This chick is tiny and can’t even fit the tip into her mouth and I wouldn’t have batted an eye at all if the dick just went in her vagina and popped out of her mouth (if that was scientifically possible) because it was that big. Now I’m thinking, this is porn, so yeah, but what if men just go about thinking all women want this? Oh wait, they do…

Do Women Really Want A Big Dick?

Men seem to want a big dick. In fact everything in the world that men do inadvertently boils down to how big their dicks are. It’s just a big dick fest out there. And all this because supposedly women want big dicks. Or so we’re told.

Let’s be honest here, I have a vagina and I love my vagina. It’s cute, tender and gives me immense amount of pleasure. Also babies and all that. But pleasure, yeah. And I love and invite penises that give my vagina more pleasure. However, give me a big dick, and I’m talking about a massive dong, and my first reaction is to just shrink a little.

Now think about it. Sure my vagina can stretch and everything, after all babies come out of there, but no one ever claimed that childbirth was pleasurable. In fact all signs point to the opposite. So let’s get back to that big dick. I’m not gonna lie, it’s great to look at and a whole lotta fun to tell your friends about. But you want to put that monster sausage in me? Ok, hold up now, we’ve gotta get an industrial size of lube and I have to pray a little that you don’t tear me in half. It’s like that scene in Sex and the City when Samantha finds a man with the biggest dick she’s ever seen and she’s super excited but in the end of the day she can’t fuck him because he’s too big.

What I’m saying in case you haven’t gotten it already, is that a big dick is great gossip material with the friends, but not so much a great experience when I’m trying not to break in half. That doesn’t mean women want a little wiener either. No, the perfect size is ye ol’ medium-sized dick. Disappointed? Well get over it. Perhaps you can all relax now.

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  1. How do I know if I have a normal dick? Do women like big balls?