Let’s face it; most people don’t want to hear about our dreams. For every crazy dream we deem exciting, revealing, deep, hilarious or premonitory enough to share with someone, there’s a friend of ours rolling his/her eyes and wanting that conversation to get back on track. We tend to think our dreams are much more interesting, because they’ve felt very real to us, but it’s not like most people are dying to hear about them.

So just like any other activity on the Internet, where solitary people can substitute a live person for the next best recreation available, now there’s an app that will listen attentively to your dreams and help you analyze them.

DreamsCloud is a website that provides helpful tools and resources in order to help you interpret dreams. While they’re the first ones that will tell you that only you can truly interpret your own dreams, having an objective external aid can be quite helpful to decipher odd situations, figuring the meaning of something and identifying reoccurring patterns.

DreamsCloud App Helps You Share Dreams

As you open the app, you can see a global map that shows you what dream topics are currently trending and where, and because it’s updated in real time, you get to see what other people in the world have been dreaming about at that very moment. You can check out what your friends have been dreaming about (assuming you’re one of the ones who does care), and share your dreams and thoughts about them with many other users.

You can basically search dreams based on keywords, date, location or popularity. You can also keep a careful, neat log of your dreams, either by typing them or recording your voice. Their calendar also helps you keep track of a dream journal. As this journal grows, DreamSphere continually shows you a progress report on over 20 variables, such as social identity, assertiveness, anxiety and many others.

As a bonus, their smart alarm also allows you to set a time to wake up gradually, helping you to remain in that asleep/awake middle ground state a little bit longer, improving your chances of recalling your last dream.

“Dreams have been the topic of many books, and research studies, but until now, there hasn’t been a source to allow all dreams to come together to draw a bigger picture,” DreamsCloud says on their website, “Gathering all dreams and connecting all the dots is a colossal undertaking and that is exactly what Dreams Cloud aims to do. Dreams Cloud is a dedicated service to dreams and dreamers. All achievements start with a first step and ours is to collect and safe guard dreams.”

You can now download the DreamsCloud app on iTunes.

Here’s a preview:

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