Emily Ratajkowski Faces Instagram Censors' Wrath

BaDoink favorite Emily Ratajkowski has been censored by Instagram after one of her pictures was taken down for being too racy.

The American model and actress faced the wrath of the Facebook-owned network’s censors after uploading a snap that left little to the imagination (NSFW).

Instagram has become a figure of fun for many owing to its rather OTT rules and standards. As well as arbitrarily whipping down photos they take umbrage with, they have also banned up to 100 sex-related hashtags including #sex, #bubblebutt and #ballsack.

Considering Ms. Ratajkowski and plenty of other people choose to use Instagram to display themselves to the world in all manner of scenarios and yes, various states of undress, it’s unfair that Instagram see fit to police what people can and can’t do of their own volition.

Viva internet freedom!


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  2. Hi love,

  3. It is their network, they reserve the right to regulate the content… This is not a free speech issue. No one is doing her from posting the content online. They are just stopping her from posting it on their site. Completely fair, a censorship noon issue.