All of them looking for Mr. Right. The time came for them to go out there, to go after the one they wanted. It was just another Sunday afternoon and Penny was home alone reading a newspaper. She had no plans for the day. Just maybe reading Moby Dick. The she reached for the art section. There was a Van Gogh exhibition in town but she had no one to go with. It was pouring outside. She decided to go anyway. She had always admired sunflowers.

The lady next to her shared her enthusiasm with Penny. She told her that she attended a pottery class and had done sunflowers the other day. Both women felt such instant connection that conversation led into coffee and that into a yoga class together. It was a place of peace. Ideal to meet a gentle soul. And Penny got lucky. Andy asked her out. And they lived happily ever after.

romantic dinner

Sally was just starting up her new muffin shop. They say any publicity is good publicity. She wanted to spread the news. She printed some business cards and left them in local shops close to hers. To her surprise three hours later the phone rang. The most gentle voice ever. She came over to pick up the muffins at eight. The two girls hit it off straight away. Five months later they got married in Europe.

Arizona decided to pursue her dreams. She always wanted to share her poetry with the whole world but also with another poet. And what better place to meet one than at a poetry class. His song was so full of life, his voice was almost a whisper. It was music to her ears. A soft melody. She asked him out afterwards. He said yes twice. One time to coffee, the second time in church.

Peter was having lunch with his mother. She never stopped talking about his childhood, the high school years. Back then Peter was in love with John. They spent two years together. Nothing lasts forever. What happens to our past lovers? What has become of them? Peter was asking himself these questions. He went to the basement and looked for his class yearbook and he got John’s phone number off the Internet. They met in front of the old high school. They have adopted twins last year.

Marge was a bridesmaid. It was stressful for her so she was really looking forward to the party after the ceremony. Live band. A romantic song. But there is nothing more depressing than sitting alone all through a romantic song. She started to drown her misery in rum and coke. Whatever happened to meeting other singles at weddings? The following weekend Marge visited the newlyweds. Her friend’s cousin was there. Blond hair and blue eyes. He was aroused by Marge’s beauty. On their first date he brought her roses. On their first anniversary he asked her to marry him. The wedding was at sunset. Ah, those romantic moments.

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