The road to virtual reality has been long and arduous, especially when you consider the movement started in the early 90’s, to no avail. Classic movies like Disclosure and The Lawnmower Man promised us a virtual reality future with cutting edge technology that has yet to come.   But, we are getting closer and closer each and every day.

disclosure vr movie scene
Disclosure (1994)

With a wide range of VR headsets on the horizon, the one place where VR has made leaps and bounds is in the mobile space. Anyone willing to fork over their personal information can get their hands on Google Cardboard for free, a very easy and avoidable way to enter the world of VR. And while we wait for the killer app that will make virtual reality a worldwide phenomenon – we can get a glimpse of the future today, with porn.


The fine folks at Android Central take a detailed look at the mobile VR landscape, and how VR porn is blazing the trail. For all you early adaptors out there who are looking for the next big thing for your Samsung Gear VR – it’s already here, and it is fucking intense.

via: Complex

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