Facebook Messenger Payments: Where Does It All Fit In?

Facebook, once the leader but now playing the role of a follower, has thrown its hat in the ring as the latest platform to announce that they will allow payments transfers to commence.

As of yesterday, the Big Eff officially unveiled the new system, which allows the site’s US users to transfer money at no extra cost across their slightly annoying Messenger service.

Similar to Snapcash – and other adopters like Venmo and Square Cash – those wishing to transfer moolah across time and space via the brain of Zuckerberg will need to register a debit card to begin. Credit cards have not been included in the initial roll-out.

It all begs the question – as we did with Snapcash last year – are Facebook opening their doors to the transfer of payments between those connected with adult ents? The social media network that clamps down on pictures of breastfeeding but allows tragic and sickening beheadings to go unchecked? The site that has a history of laying the boots into sex-based profiles but allowing all kinds of data to go through its servers in random spools? It’s weird, man.

Facebook are responding to their market force masters, so it’s only natural that they’ll step in and try and get their own piece of the action. The sex biz would benefit immensely from being allowed to operate on a legitimate (sometimes) and reliable (yeah… sometimes) platform, so what’s the deal?

The security, at least, promises to be tight. That’s what they’re saying anyway. Facebook promise a separate team, separate servers and top-notch encryption. But still, no porn allowed, right guys?

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