Oh, yeah!  Indiana University’s Center for Sexual Health Promotion knows what Americans do behind closed bedroom doors. And how do they know? 5,865 Americans aged 14 to 94 shared with them intimate thoughts on masturbating, condoms, oral sex, intercourse and anal sex.

Facts and Figures from the Latest Sexual Research

Taking matters into our own hands and letting our imagination fly… The masturbation game never ceases to be popular. With the exception of the 71+ age group, at least 60% of men have masturbated within the past year. 84% of men between 25 and 29 report to do it every day. On the other hand only 55% of women said the same. What about when together? Masturbating in the presence of a partner is still not that popular. Although 49% of men aged 25 to 29 seem to think it works. Not only do they enjoy it but they encourage it too. Letting her watch you does it for her? Is there any better way to start the engine?

Before any hanky panky, safety first! You would be happy to know a health class pays off. 14- to- 17- year- olds are the ones who claim to use condoms the most. With age, monogamous relationships, vasectomies or partners with permanent birth control solutions, condoms don’t play such a big role anymore. Only 29% among 25- to 34-year-olds consider them as a method and 5% of senior citizens use them regularly. But for those who are into one-night stands, keep one in your wallet. There is nothing sexy about the likelihood of getting a sexually transmitted infection.

Facts and Figures from the Latest Sexual Research

Oral sex is another way to go. Of course when it comes to figures it doesn’t come out as popular as it should. Men aged 18 to 24 are more than happy to offer mouth action to their female lovers. Above that age group numbers start to decline. Why is it that men are more likely to receive oral sex from their female partners than to give it?

Vaginal intercourse according to the research is still in. Men aged 18 to 69 say it’s quite common with 53 % (18 to 19 years of age) and up to 86% (25 to 29 years of age) of them saying they’d had vaginal intercourse in the past year.

A prelude to anal sex, perhaps… or is it?

We have learned anal sex is many times a consequence of other sexual activities. It seems those horny 25 to 29 year olds like the backside as they top the percentages with 27% in the last year. No, not a big number but I guess you just haven’t been into it? Difficult to believe since the study revealed that women are open to it and love it as much as men… if not more.

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