FCC Vote In Favour Of Net Neutrality

The FCC has just this moment voted 3-2 in favor of Net Neutrality and enacting Title II, a measure that will recognize the internet as a utility.

In the historic vote taken in Washington D.C., millions across America and the world watched with baited breath as FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler delivered an impassioned speech celebrating the freedom that Net Neutrality allow us.

Prior to Wheeler’s speech, those in attendance and watching on the live stream took in the opposing views of two other FCC member, Ajit Pai and Mike O’Reilly. Their pleas to not enact Title II ultimately fell on deaf ears. We were also made privy to statements from members of the public about how a free to access and non-hamstrung internet has enriched them, from matters of business to their personal lives.

As Wheeler stated “this is a red letter day for the internet”. After months of campaigning, fighting and lobbying, the more logical answer has been spoken. But don’t think this debate has been killed off for good. There will no doubt be countless legal arguments heading our way. Let’s pat ourselves on the back, but stay alert.

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