Female Celebs Dating Younger Men? So What?
Courtney Cox in Cougar Town

It’s the final season of Cougar Town and if you’ve been keeping up with the show, you’d know that Brian Van Holt who plays Bobby Cobb has left the show (to go star in upcoming SyFy channel TV series Ascension). Being a fan of both Van Holt and Cobb, I obviously Googled the actor to see if there was any drama involved in him leaving (yeah, classy I know). Turns out he used to date Courteney Cox but now Miss Cox is engaged to marry Snow Patrol musician Johnny McDaid – so, maybe a little bit of drama? Anyway, why am I telling you all this? Well because both these men happen to be younger than Cox! Van Holt is five years younger than the 50 year-old actress, while McDaid is 12 years younger.

This makes me so damn happy.

I really hate it when people the press call older women who date younger men Cougars. It’s so damn demeaning. As if these younger men were hunted down and forced into a relationship. And I’m really happy that now it’s such a regular occurrence that much of the stigma surrounding the dynamic is (almost) gone.

Here are some women who are happily dating younger men without giving any fucks about what anyone thinks. Amen.

Halle Berry

Oh Miss Berry I envy the quality of men you can still pull into your loving arms. Thought she’s been divorced twice, that didn’t stop the hot mama from finding love in the manly, muscular arms of another hot, hot model man. #thingsIstriveforinlife

Robin Wright

The stunning actress from House of Cards is engaged to X-Men hottie Ben Foster who is 15 years her junior. She was quoted in People Magazine saying, “Ben and I have a connection between us that just feels right, I don’t know any other word for it.” Well good on ya, girl! After being married to Sean Penn for 13 years, it’s about time you have yourself a good time.

Courteney Cox

I know we spoke about her in the intro of this article, but I’m just so pleased for Miss Cox, that I have to write about her here again! Cannot wait for her wedding to Snow Patrol musician John McDaid.

Julianne Moore

Not only does this talented lady grow ever more beautiful every year, she’s married to the hot Bart Freundlich who is 9 years her junior. They have two gorgeous kids, live in New York’s West Village and probably own a unicorn too. Perfection.

So men, I know you look at hot, put together, no drama older women and wanna get all over that. There is no shame in that. So get to it!

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