I’m so excited to write about MapMyFitness in our Fitness App review series. I started using this app a month ago, mainly out of curiosity. To be completely honest, I didn’t think I would last so long because I usually get bored of apps after a while, sometimes because it’s just too much hassle to use and sometimes because well… I stop working out, hah!

Now at first glance, MapMyFitness seems messy and confusing, you’re not really sure what’s happening, but give it a chance, I say. It grows on you and then you’ll want to use it all the time, even if it’s just to run to the grocer around the corner because you want to know how many calories you’re burning… or maybe that’s just me?

Fitness App Review: MapMyFitness

At first I thought that this app primarily tracked running and cycling, but there are over 600 types of activities that you can track and measure with it. I am a walker (no reference to the Walking Dead) and I realized with glee that I can track my routes.

I just go to Record a workout, pick an activity (walking) and off I go. The app then uses GPS to map out the route I take, the pace I’m walking and the calories I’m burning. And to top it off, MapMyFitness also syncs any workout or activity to MyFitnessPal. Not just that, you can also sync the app with other popular devices like CycleOps, Wahoo, Polar, Garmin and more for more full on accurate tracking.

Fitness App Review: MapMyFitness

If you’re not for coming up with your own routes, then you can always use the routes created by other members in your area (don’t worry it doesn’t show the member, just the routes). The same rules apply for running and cycling. If you’re not doing any of the above you can record any workout you do from circuit training to yoga, to strength training to even sex. Yes folks, sex is a workout.

The app also allows you to record nutrition, but to be honest I found that a little clunky and preferred using MyFitnessPal, and since they’re all synced, it didn’t really matter if I didn’t use the MapMyFitness food diary.

One of the things I was really looking forward to using was the Challenges section that allows you to participate in global challenges. However I have yet to see any challenges posted on the app, so we shall see if that’s as fun as it sounds.

For this article I am reviewing the free app, but if you want to ramp it up, then you can go MVP for just US$5.99 a month. With the MVP you get extra benefits as well as training sessions on the app, so I was kinda tempted but they were for running and cycling, both things that I don’t do, so I decided against it. However at some point I might decide to give it a go. For now, I am fully satisfied with the free version of MapMyFitness. If you want a good way of tracking your workouts I suggest you get this app and check it for yourself and let me know how it goes in the comments.

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